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Venus in Taurus // Gemini New Moon Approaches - May 2022

“Be where you are, or miss your life.” A simple, steadfast, sincere, and fully present transit of Venus into Taurus begins May 28th. Venus is Home in Taurus, and is better able to access all of her beauty, love, & glory. We may become a little more indulgent, a little more love - struck, and a little more sensual. This Venus in Taurus transit hits a few heavy aspects in June, and we’ll be focusing on honoring our pleasures, enhancing our finances, & being in the moment. Taurus isn’t afraid to get dirty or deeply involved. Excitement and irregularities will build around the Prompt to deepen how we’re living, with the New Moon in Gemini on May 30th asking us to try a different approach & perspective with the shifts that come. Mars in headstrong Aries will be conjunct Jupiter in Aries, giving us expansive action, and Mercury will be simultaneously trine Pluto, and square Saturn. We’re being asked to break the mold of what we’ve done in the past. First, by allowing ourselves to feel the pull of the Old and the New, and then by actively choosing to decide what’s best for us, and not just instinctively following emotions without giving ourselves a chance to embrace, or at least entertain, an original perspective. Be leery of talking too much without having a plan, as Mercury still remains Retrograde till June 3rd, and we may need some time to sort out our thoughts & feelings before coming to a conclusion. Gemini is versatile and witty, fast paced and well informed, so don’t be afraid to sink in and take in as much as you can. Mercury in Taurus stations Direct on June 3rd, and we’ll then be ready to apply whatever we’ve learned during the Rx period into our current realities. Mercury will need time to drink some cosmic coffee and fully regain consciousness, and Taurus will make us continue to practice patience for a few weeks while the planet settles back in. Saturn in Aquarius stations Retrograde on June 4th, demonstrating the need to reassess and follow the rules in ways never been done before. Honor yourself and enjoy your life.

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