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There’s a new reading on the website, just in time for the upcoming Eclipses.

There’s a new reading on the website, just in time for the upcoming Eclipses.

- A Solar Eclipse in the Zodiac of Libra approaches, October 13th - 15th will be extra auspicious this year. Eclipses can be intimidating for sure, but this typically stems from our fear of the unknown. Astrologically, they are considered powerful catalysts for change—both individually and at a collective level—as they usher in powerful new beginnings that could sometimes feel too abrupt for our liking.

Don’t let the drama scare you. Instead, use this Eclipse to your advantage. This is a wonderful time to re-evaluate what isn’t serving you anymore.

- In April we embraced a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries. Now that we’ve been working with Aries' self-focused, go-getter themes, this Libra Solar Eclipse nudges you to think about how you're relating to others, showing up in your closest partnerships, and finding more balance in life. On October 28th, we’ll have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. That Eclipse will awaken us to and ask us to, better alignment with what we know and want, in order to build a more solid and sustainable foundation for our lives. This is a great time to reconcile with old debts, get your finances in order, invest in the right people and things, and ultimately use that desire for nice things for the betterment of all.

Find out where these Eclipses are going to show up in your life and how to navigate them. $50

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