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Third Quarter // Gemini SZN

“I prefer someone who can speak about art, literature, history, passion, goals, fears. I like a person of substance, with unlimited interests.” Gemini is a mentally gifted & intellectually inclined Air Sign, Ruled by Mercury. Gemini is well informed, compelled by deep curiosity. Represented by the Twins, Gemini energy contains exciting duality, always balancing two sides of themself. Gemini SZN, May 20 - June 21st, will provide us with many different thoughts & flashes of insight. It’ll introduce a flitting air of moodiness; Gemini often changes their opinions / tones rapidly as they gain more information. Gemini is an active - achiever & often overpowers others who aren't as fast-thinking or ambitious. As the Sun leaves steadfast Taurus and enters sociable Gemini, we'll be focusing more on how we interact & express ourselves. Gemini energy can often be unpredictable & restless, but those qualities can be embraced during this time. The next month is a whirlwind of fresh air as we give & receive, and explore different outlets. Although we're entering Gemini season during a mixed signal Mercury Rx in Gemini, Mercury moves into Taurus on the 22nd and we’ll be able to use this role reversal to our advantage. Taurus SZN was intense, but Gemini’s more free-flowing energy will help us integrate into any changes. This weekend is also the 3rd Quarter Phase of the Moon, taking place in Aquarius. The 3rd Quarter is the final stage of the lunar cycle, our New Moon intentions are completing their journey. It is a time to release & reflect on what you have learned in the past month - the search for meaning happens now, and it helps to sustain our intentions & keep our goals moving forward. The 3rd Quarter in Aquarius forces us out of our comfort zone as we have to tend two needs at once: the need to be grounded (Taurus) and the need to think & act freely (Aquarius). On the 24th, Mars dashes out of dreamy Pisces and into energetic Aries, meeting up with Venus & Jupiter, also in the headstrong Zodiac. We’ll feel courageous passion burst into our lives, right before the 5.30 Gemini New Moon. Be open to Unusual and Unexpected inspiration & motivation.

🖼 by @eugenia_loli

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