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Taurus Season 2022

e it.” Welcome Taurus SZN, April 19 - May 20 this year. Taurus is Ruled by Venus, is the the 2nd Zodiac, is fixed in mode, and is an Earth sign. Taurus is lavish and deeply sensual, in the most natural of manner. They’re the embodiment of practicality and reliability, and place a very high value on stability & security (both material and emotional). Other key qualities that describe Taurus would be grounded, rooted, and often more conservative. The Bull, however refined they are, can be very powerful when angry - which also highlights their ability to create an even deeper impact when they are gentle. Taurus can also be extremely stubborn - but it's that exact competitive drive and determination that helps them achieve their goals. Their kind hearts, stable temperament, & constant devotion make their relationships very serious and committed. Since Taurus is a pragmatic Earth sign, having Taurus placements suggests an ability to protect oneself and one’s own interests. A Taurus will rarely make a move without first determining that it is safe and that there's something positive in the effort for them. This Taurus SZN is a time to treat yourself, we’ll be more inclined to feel determined & motivated. It’s especially a time for self-care while we deepen our commit to our desires, as this upcoming Eclipse SZN involves the Zodiacs of Taurus and Scorpio (April 30th & May 16th). Sturdy and reassuring Taurus supports us as doors open and close for the next month - find your center and stay confident.

[John Galliano for Dior’s 2007 Fall Winter Collection]

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