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Taurus New Moon

The Taurus New Moon on the 19th provides fertile conditions for us to plant seeds of intention, based on stability and practicality. We’re invited to indulge in the moment and remember the energy connecting to our senses provides. We’ve recently undergone a a stability shaking Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, a Solar Eclipse that took no prisoners in Aries, and a Lunar Eclipse that burnt all the ships at sea in Scorpio. Thus signaling that this Taurus new Moon is for clearing & calming, recalibrating and integrating. Taurus reminds us that we are built to last, made to endure, & deserve much more than we have been settling for. New Moons are a time for goal setting and practical planning in align with the energy of the Zodiac it’s paired with. Being ruled by Venus, planet of love and value, aesthetics and assets, Taurus is associated with wealth and worth, tangible goods, capital gains, security and self-esteem. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning it can express itself freely and fully in this Zodiac. Taurus innately understands that things of value take time to create and appreciate, in both senses of the word. This New Moon asks us to stand where we are and define what “a wealthy life” means to us and to lay out the steps we need to take to achieve it. On May 20th, Mars enters Leo and sets the scene with passion and light. With the Planet of Drive in the bold Lion, our actions become glamorous, generous, often more dramatic. A word of advice: don’t start fights you can’t finish as there will be plenty of high energy around when the Sun then enters quick witted Gemini on the 21st. As we transition from Spring to Summer, this is an ideal time to learn to adapt to new situations, ask questions, and make any decisions that have needed more information. Get ready to create.

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