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Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

“Nothing outside of you has power over you. You decide how you think, feel & do things in your life. Take full ownership and become free.” Luna entered Pisces in the auspicious early hours today, (11.12), we’re being plunged into a misty-eyed, rose colored wormhole over the weekend before the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse engulfs us on Thursday, the 18th. We’re currently in a First Quarter Moon Phase until the 14th (we’ll then progress into a Waxing Gibbous, & so on into Full). The First Quarter typically contains an element of crisis, challenges, or doubt. It’s at this time we’re provoked into action and asked to prioritize & make changes so we can continue to actualize our goals. Our fears & mental blocks are brought front and center so that we can have ample opportunity to work through them as we move through the rest of the Lunar cycle. On Thursday the 18th the shot rings clear as we definitively confront two nodal axes (Taurus & Scorpio / Sagittarius & Gemini). It is important to remain optimistic as we continue the journey from Old to New. With Venus currently in Capricorn, even with their retrograde to come, and Jupiter’s still softly approaching transition into Pisces December 28th, do know that no matter what happens from here, we will begin to really add the necessary support beams & strength enhancements to our already laid foundations. You can experience, grow, sustain, and thrive, simultaneously. Astrologer Kerrie Basha (@bohomofo) writes of these current transits, speaking specifically of the Neptune (who’s the modern Ruler of Pisces) influences we’re experiencing, “emotional intelligence and intuition are the only true currencies” - “Dreams and visions become supercharged with meaning”…”pay attention to these wisps of wonder and enlightenment before they vanish. They are your very best guide.” Monday’s energy will come at us fast when the Moon leads us into Eclipse week in pioneering Aries. For the weekend, don the rose colored glasses and explore where pondering the “what if’s” takes you. Soon, we’ll find out. Look to the Houses of Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius & Gemini in your Natal Chart for more personal insight.

Art by @eugenia_loli

Referenced Quote by @bohomofo

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