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Pisces SZN & the Virgo Full Moon 2022

“I desired always to stretch the night and fill it fuller and fuller with dreams.” - Virginia Woolf. On March 10th Mercury entered Pisces and joined the Pisces Sun; our thinking, communication & interactions become more Piscean in nature. Mercury is the planet responsible for our communication & senses – so while in Pisces, Mercury can have difficulties staying factual & concise and prefers to romanticize & daydream. If you’re looking for insight, now is the time. However if you’re looking for clarity, wait for Mercury to move into Aries later this month on the 27th. Now is the time for magic & metaphors, understanding the unspoken and feeling your Truths in your bones. Mercury in Pisces brings us a highly elusive quality, which can feel inspiring & life giving, or deceptive & confusing. To thrive in the next 2 weeks, immerse yourself into Piscean activities: read, write, fantasize, keep track of intensified dreams, and most importantly, surrender to Pisces’ mysterious ways of delivering & making sense of information. This Sunday, March 13th, the Sun hits a phenomenal conjunction with Neptune, in Pisces. Sun-Neptune conjunctions are our opportunity to understand something about ourselves that is difficult to grasp otherwise. I often write about Uranus being the curveball, but it’s Neptune who can expose our blind spots; and also our zones of genius. Anything intangible refers to Neptune, which denies & dissolves the material world, and in this case those intangibles affect the Sun, which refers to leaders, ego & the heart. (Find Neptune in your natal chart to understand this more about yourself). Next Friday, March 18th, we have a Full Moon in Virgo. For the next week we get lost in a Pisces Stellium dreampool of imagination, distant lucidity, and the idea of endless possibilities. To balance things out, every Pisces SZN we have a Full Moon in its Sister Sign of Virgo. Virgo is the part of us that is consistent & detail oriented, and keeps the plan moving. Our desire for More Life gets more Real Life after the next week, “Goals without a plan are just dreams” - and the Full Moon will step in to tend to the practicalities.

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