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Pisces SZN 2022

“He said, “Don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world?”, to which she replied, “Don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s?” Welcome to Pisces Season, Feb 18 - March 20th. Pisces is the Eldest of the Zodiacs, 12th in order. As the very last sign, Pisces encompasses bits and pieces of all the signs before it, and on a calendar timeline, it holds all of the learnings that we accumulated during the astrological year. Pisces SZN brings the opportunity to reflect on the journey we have been on for the past 11 months. Pisces (Latin for Fish) is a Water sign. The Pisces symbolism represents fluidity, and the ability to swim in any direction. Pisces is Ruled by Neptune, making them incredible dreamers with powerful imaginations. They are extremely sensitive, humanitarians by nature who exude compassion & empathy. They absorb all of the emotions in their environment, and can be prone to sullen humor or romanticizing sadness. Some would say that Pisces almost enjoy sad emotions within themselves because of the rejuvenation & understanding it brings. Pisces are extremely open-minded, and can be highly intuitive, sometimes seeming otherworldly. Pisces are extremely successful when they are allowed to be creative, and they are incredibly drawn to the Arts. This Pisces Season will set off one of the most important aspects of 2022: a conjunction between Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces. The conjunction itself only happens once every 12.5 years, but these two planets haven’t met in Pisces since 1856. This planetary connection won't reach its climax until Aries SZN, but Pisces SZN is when we'll begin to see how this rare conjunction manifests for us personally & collectively. Pisces SZN is also supported by a conjunction between Venus & Mars, urging us to settle any chaos and align our actions with our ideals. Pisces is the sign of dissolving, which enables us to become more flexible & malleable, opening us up to things we’ve only dreamed of. Prepare to step into your creative flow zone, where we’ll be inspired to ‘feel’ more than to ‘do’, and we’ll be guided by emotions to help us take the next steps. There is a voice inside of you that doesn’t use words - listen.

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