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Pisces New Moon 2022

“All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.” - Edgar Allen Poe. We have quite the week ahead of us approaching the New Moon in Pisces on March 2nd. Pisces is a deeply spiritual sign, focused on connection with the Divine, and creating a free-flowing crescendo of boundaries. During the New Moon, Luna will be separating from a sextile to Uranus. We’ll experience the Moon Sextile Uranus transit through the next week; Uranus represents freedom, usually involving rebellion & revolution. The transit shows us where we can break from the status quo, and boosts our internal emotions & intensifies the urgency for a lifestyle more True to our individual callings. Luna then meets up with the Sun & Jupiter, also in Pisces, who will be exacting their own conjunction, and the overall energy is focused on the collective consciousness / awareness, but with a twist. With Uranus at play, we enter a paradoxical state of individual empowerment, which catapults us into a humanitarian effect. It’s really our individual differences that bind us together. By contributing our unique qualities to each other, we serve the greater good, and nourish our personal sense of self. It’s important to remember that with New Moons, we’re always tasked with having faith - to keep going despite being in the literal & proverbial dark. New Moons ask us to plant the seeds of our dreams despite not knowing exactly how they will grow. March comes with heaviness from Mars and Saturn, and stress & responsibilities are inevitable. Stay focused on the dream the New Moon in Pisces brings enlightenment to. Neptune & Jupiter in Pisces will be in a conjunction on April 12th, entwining energies of Fulfillment & Hope between the two planets - by April we begin to see results. Pisces is a transcendental sign, representing the bridge connecting light & dark. This New Moon is about feeling inspired again, and reminding us that it’s OK to hope for a better outcome, and to believe that there is space for all of us to thrive.

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