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Part 3

Jupiter’s Retrograde in Pisces June 20 - October 17th wants to give Cancer SZN an abundant energy, to have it exude growth and expansion. Jupiter rules our philosophy and higher beliefs, it’s considered a beneficial planet but it’s known for excess if we’re not careful. When handled in a positive manner Jupiter’s retrograde brings an internalized explosion of growth to our abilities to understand and better connect with ourselves. Finding where Jupiter is transiting in your chart will show you where in your life you’ve been excessive lately and how you can scale back to more manageable portions. You can more easily find compassion and forgiveness in your life weather it be with yourself or other people, create new or better habits for a spiritual routine or relationship with yourself, and brings awareness to any hidden creative gifts you may have been sitting on. Summer Solstice marks the astronomical start of summer in the northern half of the globe and is the longest day of the Year. ‘Solstice’ translates to sol (sun) + sistere (standing still). The Sun appears to stop in its tracks for roughly three days, however, it's only an illusion and it’s relative position to the Earth doesn’t actually change. In Ancient times they celebrated the Earth being bathed in the energy of the Sun. Seeing the Sun as Fire, time was spent engaging in festivities for nearly 72 hours, soaking up all the fierce, intense, electrifying, invigorating, exhilarating energy. The Summer Solstice is a Global Moment where we recognize the days will start getting shorter and the nights longer with the distribution of more light into the evenings. As with start of Cancer Season, even though it’s only June, we’re already beginning the shift inward again, focusing on the internal and nocturnal cycles and how we engage in those differently in the Summer.

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