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Part 2

Sunday, June 20th is a cosmic celebration as the Sun enters Cancer, Jupiter stations Retrograde and Summer Solstice takes place, producing a seismic energy shift. The Full Moon in Capricorn blooms on 6.24, followed by a grand conclusion with Neptune stationing Retrograde on 6.25. To say the next week will be eventful is an understatement. Cancer Season is influenced by the Moon, as the Moon Rules the Zodiac of Cancer, and Cancer is most comfortable in the 4th House of Home & Family, making Cancers very “roots” oriented & nolstgic people. The Moon changes it’s position every 2.5 days, meaning Cancer SZN is a time of moodiness; we want nurturing and love. With the Sun in Cancer we’ll see an increase in the activities that make us feel good and we’ll see a dismissal of what doesn’t fly in our comfort zone. Cancer is represented by the Crab, hard on the outside and soft inside. Cancer in your Natal chart is where you can find the area of your life you naturally become defensive, in order to protect something you feel sensitively about. Think of Lana Del Ray’s “summertime sadness” but amplified to a 10 with the surrounding astrological transits. During this Cancer season, you can choose to do what you want with your feelings, but you’re going to have to feel them. You’re challenged to find a new conscious understanding of your freedom & self- worth and to evaluate how you express your self worth to others, but with boundaries and intentional connection.

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