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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 2022

“Well, look who I ran into,” crowed Coincidence. “Please,” flirted Fate, “this was meant to be.” Friday, April 29th, Mercury exits Taurus and enters Gemini. Pluto stations Retrograde in Capricorn, where it’s been since 2008. Saturday, April 30th, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, Conjunct Uranus in Taurus and Sextile Mars in Pisces. Immediately following the Eclipse, Venus in Pisces is Conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. To start, it’s important to know that Pluto retrogrades about once a year, for 6 months. Pluto is an outer planet and while still very impactful, the Planet of Death & Resurrection takes its time with things. Pluto is in Capricorn, who deals with things like structure, responsibility and hard work, so we’ll be re-working in areas like those. Communicative Mercury moving into the Air sign of Gemini, on the same day, right before a Solar Eclipse, foreshadows information & situations coming to the surface that where previously blocked from sight. When the Moon moves between the Earth & the Sun, we’ll receive an understanding of something we don’t normally see — we’ll be likely receiving big news with long term effects. The Solar Eclipse in Taurus, linked to unpredictable Uranus and action oriented Mars, can cause sudden shifts in what makes us feel comfortable. We may receive unexpected opportunities or we may be required to step beyond the limits of our comfort zone. However, the immediate follow up of Jupiter & Venus, with Neptune, all in Pisces, offers us a softer resolution. New Moons are for fresh starts and new experiences, while Eclipses are the Hand of God, setting something down in front of us. Next week, we greet Venus in Aries, and a new passion in life sparks. The best way to work with an Eclipse is to Surrender to it. “Surrender is deeply misunderstood as an act of weakness. Surrender is the bravest and most lucid thing a human ever does, and that's why it's so precious to the Divine. - Andrew Harvey.

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