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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

“If the sky were to suddenly open up, there would be no law, there would be no rule, there would only be you and your memories...the choices you’ve made and the people you’ve touched.” - Donnie Darko’s psychiatrist, Dr. Thurman. On December 4th, at 1:33:26am (Fargo, ND) a total Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Sagittarius astrologically closes out 2021. This lunation sweeps in with a much more positive, optimistic tone. This weekend is the time to focus on epiphanies. This Eclipse ends a 2 year cycle of haphazardly seeking truth, and personal choices that have gone too far. We’re reminded to focus on the bigger picture and not to panic if we don’t have it all figured out right now. Sagittarius is the sign of bravery and adventure, independence & awakening. Gemini and Sagittarius (sister signs) have been at the front of the eclipse stage since 2020, inspiring middle ground between our ideals and daily reality / beliefs and routines. This final eclipse in the series represents a synthesis point. We’ve tried on different identities over the past 2 years and now Sagittarius seeks to embody the highest wisdom gained. What have your experiences taught you? A phrase that’s stuck with me is, “Knowledge on it’s own is a reward, but perhaps we can parlay it into something even more lucrative.” As we next enter a new cycle of eclipses, between Taurus & Scorpio, (into 2023), what you know will become what you’re worth. Sagittarius’ ruling planet, abundant Jupiter, will be forming a tense aspect with Mars, the planet of action, during the eclipse. Both planets have different goals and are eager to assert themselves. This type of contact can amplify anger, but also increase our motivation and urge to take action. Jupiter wants progress & growth and Mars desires a strategic plan and aims to have precision as well as streamlined activity. Make it a point to think big and feel optimistic about your future and all its possibilities, the cycle we’re entering requires it. Self-care, prioritizing rest & setting boundaries will be vital. Faith over fear, dignity over details, intuition & action over intellect and stagnation.

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