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New Moon in Leo 8.8.21

“The Stronger the WHY the Easier the HOW.” On Sunday the 8th the Sun & Mercury join forces to support the NEW MOON in Leo. New Moons are a time for rebirth & powerful manifestations; Leo being the boldest of the Zodiacs is declaring that you must get loud, proud, confident, & creative about what you want and who you are; we’ve been given the first two weeks of Leo Season to see the signs. The New Moon in Leo corresponds with the mythology of the “The Lion’s Gate Portal”. The Portal is named after the moment when Sirius, the brightest star in the Sky, comes back into view & moves in alignment with the Sun. Sirius is often referred to as the "Spiritual Sun", and after its disappearance earlier this Spring, Sirius returns to the night sky - a transit that was revered by many old civilizations, (like the Ancient Egyptians) who believed it was a time of renewal & advancement. The Egyptians noted that Sirius rose just before Sun each year immediately prior to the annual flooding of the Nile River. Although the floods could bring destruction, they also brought new soil & new life. Numerology comes into play too, as the number 8 is governed by Saturn; it’s the perfect reinforcement to go big. The number 8 aligns with seeking wealth & prosperity - and further more, the code 88 is connected to the idea of infinity; August 8 (8/8). However, the Sun and the Moon will be in challenging aspects to Uranus, which may throw a few curveballs / unexpected situations our way. All of the amplified Leo energy serves to give us the confidence required to come out on top. Confront challenges with an open heart and the assertiveness you need will flow out. Ask for what you want, claim what’s yours; insecurity blocks abundance. You no longer have to hold yourself hostage to fears of your past; the more intensity you put into a confident mindset the more intensity the clarity of your success becomes. Look to where Leo is in your chart, then write it down, talk it out, and make it happen.

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