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Mercury Rx in Aquarius / Cancer Full Moon

“For fast acting relief, try slowing down” - Lily Tomlin. Friday, January 14th, Mercury in Aquarius begins its Retrograde (Review) until February 3rd. From January 14th to 25th, it moves back through the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius, and from the 25th to February 3rd, it'll be in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn. During this transit we can expect technical & communication mishaps and delays, bringing awareness to the areas of life we need to give more focus. Venus will still be retrograding at the time of the Mercury Rx, causing us to rethink & transform the way we communicate in relationships. Accompanying Mercury’s Rx this weekend will be the Full Moon in Cancer, direct on Monday, January 19th. The emphasis of this Full Moon Message focuses around home, family & emotional foundations. Intensifying the energy of Mercury, Venus & the Full Moon will be an opposition from Pluto, the Planet of Power & Destruction. This series of transits are over-all about power struggles and stability: what makes us feel at ease, at home, secure? And, what have we been engaging with that shakes our Center and tries to take our Power away from us? After a release of emotions with the Full Moon, Uranus will station Direct in the sign of Taurus, on Tuesday, after 5 months in the Rx position; possibly startling us with unexpected or even exciting events. Adding to the height of the drama, on Wednesday the 19th, Aquarius SZN arrives, annnd the Nodes of Fate & Karma enter Taurus (North Node) and Scorpio (South Node). We will collectively seek change in practical, reliable, and down-to-Earth ways, and we will be encouraged to improve the level of stability in our lives. *Long Exhale Here*. The monthly Full Moon is prime for contemplation. Often, circumstances out of our control pop up during this time, triggering us to examine our own thoughts / feelings and their influence on the reality we exist in. Rebuilding our relationships with finances, enriching our lives with pleasures, and deciphering the difference between what we want and what we truly need are ahead.

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