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Mars into Gemini / Virgo SZN

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail” - Giorgio Armani. We’re all masterminds while Mars moves through Gemini on Saturday, August 20th. Mars is the instigator of the Solar System, as it’s the planet that rules action & motivation. With Mars in Gemini, the Sign assocoated with communication, it’s like our brains are ignited with passion & drive. We have the power to come up with brilliant ideas and think in fresh ways - we also have the ability to take action, and turn them into a reality. We have a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to how we go after what we want. This transit is a big deal, as Mars will be in Gemini for a very extended stay — through the rest of 2022 & into 2023. The reason for this much-prolonged visit is due to its impending retrograde period, which begins on October 30. Mars only retrogrades once every 2 years, so once Mars enters Gemini, pay attention to the way your motivation, energy levels, & decisiveness about things shift. We’ll be working with these themes for months to come. Adding to the theme of attention to detail, on Monday the 22nd, Virgo Season begins. Virgo is an Earth Sign, ruled by Mercury, and is represented by the symbol of the Virgin; meaning there is an attraction to everything clean, perfect, natural / organic, and pure. We become a little more modest as the summer comes to an end. For the next 4 weeks, the energy will be sensible, organized, and a little cynical as we critique every detail. This is an ideal time to get organized, to do tedious work, and to improve communication. The week is nothing short of change, as on Wednesday, August 24th,

Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus. During it’s 5-month retrograde, we’re given opportunities to face our fears and get rid of what’s not working. Uranus will be forming strong aspects with every personal planet in the game this month — including the Sun, Mercury, and Venus — so we’ll be feeling its rebellious flair from every angle. On a collective level, this could bring about some fateful twists, especially when it comes to the themes we’ve been dealing with since Uranus has been in Taurus — including global finance shifts, supply chain issues, climate crises, & more. While Uranus is known for its disruptive and rule-breaking energy, this annual backspin isn’t as chaotic as some. Instead, it’s a time to subtly process the paradigm shifts & sudden changes that have taken place in your life over the past year — and get in touch with which of those inspirational sparks you’d like to see through and explore more thoroughly. Pulling out all the stops, on Thursday, August 25th, we’ll notice a change in the air. Mercury enters Libra, and communication becomes charming & friendly as our inner diplomat comes to the surface until September 23rd. While it’s not a great time to make important decisions, it does give us a chance to brush up on our negotiation skills. We bring a more rational approach to one-to-one relationships. This can be vacillating energy as we attempt to see both sides of any given situation. We may too easily accommodate others’ opinions to keep the peace. In our negotiations, we don’t want to assert ourselves so as to appear to be the “bad guy.” However, this is a reasonable period for considering others’ points of view, and we’re more inclined to arrive at fair conclusions. We’re a little over a week away from the New Moon in Virgo on Saturday, August 27th. Virgo is Ruled by the fast-moving planet of Mercury. Mercury Rules communication and the 6th House of Wellmess, Work, & Daily Routine. Virgo is known for being a mutable Earth sign, regarded for its natural inclination to serve others. The emphasis is on the details of our lives during this lunation, and we look at how we can improve our lives without becoming obsessive. This is an auspicious time to set productive goals, build healthy new habits into your routine, and focus on getting organized as you round out the summer. Smart goals are how you manifest your dreams.

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