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March 2022 Astrology

“Your next chapter could be the one that turns the whole story around.” On March 5th, the Sun & Jupiter will connect in Pisces for the first time since 2010, bringing opportunities for growth, connection, & creative expansion. On the 6th, Venus & Mars will form a conjunction for the 2nd time within in a month’s span. Venus & Mars generally only join forces once every 1.5 years, so having them in such a prolonged union brings an opportunity to clear any buried blockages around love & ideals, and create fruitful new patterns; opening new cycles. As Venus & Mars connect, they’ll collectively leave the practical Earth sign of Capricorn and enter the reserved Air sign of Aquarius, where they’ll remain for the duration of March. This energy inspires us to embrace unconventionality, and think outside the box when it comes to pleasure, passion & pursuit. Don’t fall into the pressure of traditions, habits, or routines of the past; seize the opportunity to revamp your life. March 9th, Mercury enters Pisces, from there we transcend forward to March 12th, when the Sun reaches a Conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Some tend to lose themselves in dreams during transits like this, while others experience a welcomed deepening of their spiritual practice. This somewhat lucid & liminal quality of time will stay with us for a few days. Pisces SZN is a time to dream big, think & act expansively, let go of the need to be meticulous & allow yourself to create from an intuitive place. The reflective & sentimental nature of Pisces will bring a lot of peace / clarity to the situations that have been causing us trouble over the last 11 months. Right now, we have the Sun, Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces, giving us a preview of what’s to come in April, when we have Spring Equinox, and an extremely rare Conjunction between Jupiter & Neptune, (only happening once every 12.5 years). The inspiring vision of Jupiter & Neptune can provide a counterbalance to the difficult despair brought on by Saturn & Pluto in 2020, helping to nurture dreams & ways of recovering from the setbacks we experienced. With alert confidence & an inspired mind, actions taken now can have a decidedly powerful effect.

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