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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

“What you can’t confront, you can never conquer. The fears you don’t face today will become your limit tomorrow.” The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio arrives on the 15th / 16th, and the intensity of what’s hiding beneath the surface calls to us, beckoning us to plunge deeply into the Secret Waters of Scorpio; we prepare for the floodgates of Exposed Truth to submerge us all. Scorpio magic works with the rites of Death, Transformation, Endings & Bottom Lines. Earlier this week, May 10, Jupiter entered fast-paced Aries while Mercury in Gemini stationed Retrograde. Jupiter in Aries brings bold blessings & renewed passion, and with it intertwined with Mercury re-examining all of the information it has stored, this combination of energy gives us permission to release any fears of making mistakes or holding back when it comes to serving our Truth. We’re being asked to look fear in the eye as we pass through Scorpio’s underworld, because the Reward for our bravery is Wisdom we’ll gain to use in near-future choices & decision making. Eclipses bring revelations, and this Reveal will be necessity regardless of how uncomfortably it may present. The best position to be in now is an observational one as previously undisclosed information & simmering emotions seep in during the days immediately preceding and following the Eclipse. Allow space for processing, as time for taking action doesn’t arrive until after Mercury enters Taurus on the 22nd, New Intentions are communicated during the Gemini New Moon May 30th, and Mercury stations Direct on June 2nd. This Eclipse is the unearthing of the undertow; we can’t be fully empowered until we have all of the information. Drop hands and wait to see things for what they truly are. Find Scorpio in your Natal Chart to see where this Eclipse will impact your life.

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