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Full Moon in Taurus / Lunar Eclipse

The second eclipse arrives on November 8th, Midterm Election Day in the United States. This  is a Total Lunar Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, and it’s landing in close connection to chaotic, revolutionary Uranus. Into the weekend we can see issues with feeling as confident as you need to, and this may be pointing out old issues that need to be resolved. This Eclipse can threaten our emotional stability and material security. These intense emotions will explode around the political rather than the personal. It alludes to lots of upheaval or disruption connected to themes of security, home, comfort (Taurus), as they relate to collective, national, or global matters (North Node). We may also find that things that we no longer value, or things that we have pretended to value, may fall away from our lives. Honor any grief but also know this new space is an opportunity to fill it with things that are more aligned with where you want to be. The Eclipse is a day when the truth becomes deeply important, but it may be difficult to find it through all the proclamations being told, creating a day of confusion. It’s easy to jump to conclusions without having all the facts. The  Eclipse is here to shake things up and provide some big surprises. Stay grounded through the shifts and be willing to expand your comfort zone. This cosmic moment indicates that we need to make changes, so we can all feel Full of Life again. We’re re-visiting our goals from this time last year, as Mars is currently retrograde in Gemini. The task is to go inward and reconnect to what drives, motivates, challenges, and excites us again. We’re releasing anger and resentment we’ve been holding onto and using that passion to further ourselves. Eclipses get their bad reputation because humans are creatures of habit and become upset by the unexpected. Depending on how things have gone in the last 6 months, we can now see the fruit blossom from the seeds we planted at the solar eclipse in April. If you have been stubbornly resisting growth, you could experience the Lunar eclipse as really volcanic. However, perspective is everything. We can choose to look at all of this another way: Coupled with Mars’s ongoing retrograde, this Taurus full Moon eclipse can, if used correctly, help us to rid our lives of energies that run counter to our sense of comfort and self-worth. Don’t expect momentum, but do be open to unblocking yourself. “It’s okay to walk slowly, as long as you’re not walking backwards.”

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