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Full Moon in Leo 2022

“Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual” - Ernest Hemingway. The weekend begins with an intellectually intense conjunction between Mercury & Pluto. Mercury is currently in its final degrees of Capricorn, while Pluto sits there comfortably until January 2024. Mercury’s departure from Capricorn and into Aquarius on the 14th isn’t easily accepted by Pluto, and we can expect razor sharp intuition & deeper communication themes until the 13th. You may have been already feeling the persistence it has, to finish exposing Truths & cutting ties before it parts; this allows more energy to be directed toward the future. On the 12th, Venus & Mars begin a conjunction until March 11th. Normally, Venus and Mars form a conjunction once a year, for about 10 days - making 2022’s 28 day Conjunction rare. This marks a period of intense attraction: either to an aspiration, career path or person. On the 14th, Mercury enters Aquarius and we’ll be embracing our individual quirks, and finding ourselves more apt to share our creativity with others. The astrology just doesn’t stop coming, and on the 16th we have a dramatic Full Moon in Leo. Leo & Aquarius are sister signs, being exact opposites of each other, but both wanting to steal the show and be noticed for their own individuality. This will put the Sun and Moon at an odds between Ego and Truth. We’re being asked to be brave, and to shine with the boldest & most pure parts of ourselves and intentions, to show up fully as we are, without inhibition, only for the sake of validating yourself, to yourself and for yourself. They say progress is spiritual because growth signals alignment - this full moon invites you to bask in your own glory, give thanks for where your are, and to recommit your Trust to yourself & your passions. We’ll have a magical transition into Pisces SZN on the 18th, imagination will run wild with peak brilliance. Saturn supports positive thinking & ingenious planning with a Capricorn Stellium stabilizing the sky. We’re being given the extra boost of opportunity at working towards true happiness - affirm hard, let desire & creativity lead the way.

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