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Full Moon in Aries + Pluto Direct

Look where you have come from. Look at where you are going. These lessons are not random, they are specifically and intrinsically linked to every fiber of your becoming. Saturday, October 8th, Pluto stations direct in Capricorn. While Pluto has been traveling retrograde, we have been invited to consider what in our life may require change. When the planet stations direct this weekend however, it’s time to take action. With respect to this specific Pluto retrograde being over, we can expect the infrastructure of our everyday life to get a shake up, as Capricorn rules over structure and discipline. Pluto stationing direct focuses on taking control of your life and well-being, and resolving to change habits that you’ve noticed don’t serve you over the past five months. We can also expect questions to arise about whether or not the people in our life are truly benefiting us. This shift has to do with achieving our ultimate dreams. The sign of Capricorn has close ties to aspiration and strives for achievement. We’re ready to embrace a new level of our lives and existence. Per the usual, the Cosmos wastes no time, and Sunday the 9th brings us the Full moon in Aries. This moon provides a hefty dose of restlessness & impatience. Aggressive action is easier to find yourself in — consciously take time for yourself during these next few days and try to keep stress levels as low as possible. Desire is heightened & pushing the boundaries during this time of release is expected. Aries likes to get what they want, when they want it - and they tend to do so. As a result, you may see positive results on a long-term professional project during this full moon if you have geared yourself into the right position. Also, Aries is ruled by Mars, the “horny God of War” — take that as you will and be mindful of lustful activities. Chiron (the Wounded Healer) will also be in Aries, and stationed retrograde, which strengthens the fiery energy that we may be feeling. This lumination can potentially bringing things up from the past that need to be resolved. We may feel like we have reached the end of our limit, but if we keep moving, that “limit” point will inspire us to move on, forgive, or let go completely. We can also see a sort of healing or resolution, based upon our actions. Whatever comes up under this Full Moon, it is important to keep in mind that it’s the last Full Moon before Eclipse Season begins. This means that if something feels unresolved or if something begins unraveling, you may have to wait until next month’s Full Moon Eclipse to see how it is all going to completely unfold. Monday, October 10th, tries to soothe the embers of the weekend as Mercury moves into Libra. Mercury will be in Libra for the final time this year, and communications take on a friendlier, more diplomatic tone. Libra is an Air sign, which will enhance our intellectual & logical nature. Libra is ruled by Venus, which can grant us more charm, humor and social energy. While it’s not the best time to make decisions in the middle of eclipse season and with indecisive Libra at the helm, we are able to focus on coming up with solutions that work for everyone, and weigh all the odds to eventually find fairness. Partnership matters will become of paramount concern however. We’ll have our attention focused upon where we stand with a significant other in business, friendships, or love. A shadow side of this energy would be that we might become more passive-aggressive, superficial, deceptive or willing to give into others at the expense of our own ideas. It is best to work as a team and focus on cooperation rather than dominating—or being dominated—by others. Use the energy wisely. My only piece of advice is this; release the headaches.

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