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Friday, May 15th 2021

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

“The unknown future is scary, but what’s scarier is not taking a leap of faith in yourself.” This upcoming Eclipse Season is arriving to radically alter two areas of your life from the span of May - June, and then again November - December. Step One comes May 26th with a total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius; I encourage you to find Sagittarius in your Natal Chart to better understand what this could impact for you. Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, it’s steamy & ambitious but it’s also Mutable and can flow on command. Sagittarius is Ruled by expansive Jupiter who’s presence in our chart & transits brings us a blessing of good luck & grace. Jupiter moves out of innovative Aquarius and into Prophetic Pisces today until July 28th, when it will then retrograde back into Aquarius for the remainder of the year. Traditionally, Jupiter was the Ruler of Pisces, so their auspicious journey this summer is a “homecoming of sorts”, sure to bring an element of celebration. However, also being associated with extreme excess, Jupiter in Pisces, heightened in an Eclipse Season, can bring *too much* of a good thing at times, and substances, spending and our health all can be watched for overdoing & over-indulging. Last but not least, we enter the Mercury Retrograde shadow, this weekend. Mercury will station Retrograde May 29th in Gemini; back-up your phones, double-check emails, & most importantly, think before you speak. We just had a very powerful New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, the 11th, where our intentions were cast and we await to see how they’ll turn out. All hands are off the table; we have our goals and we’re working towards them, what happens next we can only make the best of and know that at the end of these transits we’ll be rewarded. The Sun feels comfortable with the Cancer Moon this weekend, we focus more on Home & Stability. Monday we step into our final week of Taurus Season, anticipating change when we enter Gemini Season on the 20th. Prepare to sit back & watch it all unfold.

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