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Capricorn Full Moon

Some would say it’s a very auspicious and coincidental thing that the Full Moon in Capricorn arrives at the beginning of Cancer Season, but others will know it’s Divine Timing. Capricorn & Cancer are “sister signs”, opposites who balance each other out. The Moon Rules Cancer; the Moon representing the Mother archetype, and Saturn Rules Capricorn, Saturn being the enforcer of structure, the Father archetype. Capricorn brings stability to the home and our inner Worlds, and Cancer’s inner emotional nature depends on that. We’re met with tension from Venus in Cancer, who’s opposing Pluto in Capricorn, as well as Saturn in Capricorn, opposing Neptune in Pisces. Venus shows the expressions of love in our life, and Pluto, being a bit of a volatile transformer, is set out to strip away anything that isn’t providing beauty anymore. Saturn & Neptune meet to throttle our priorities and see how tight we’ll hold onto them. Within Capricorn’s structure creating capabilities comes the responsibility to asses our routines and habits. This Full Moon wants us recognize and rectify where in our day-to-day we’ve let our routines grow stale, moldy - producing decay. The old habits, behaviors and belief systems, the outdated rules and guidelines, all have to be ushered out so new growth can come in abundantly. This Full Moon is about balance between hard work and play, nurturance and tough love; knowing your needs and aligning your life to better fit YOU. The Moon makes a beautiful Sextile to Jupiter (Rx) in Pisces, and gives us a boost of enthusiasm and confidence over the next few days to move ahead with cleaning, clearing and committing - listen to what Life is telling you and know you’ll be rewarded for following the rules of your heart. Release the old with gratitude for where it’s gotten you and welcome a better you in it’s place; when you’re filled with self love you make better choices.

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