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Aries Full Moon 2021

“Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted.” - Sylvia Plath. As we dip into a Pisces Moon through the weekend, we’re brought into a transcendent layer of our focus, acutely aware of what’s behind us. Monday we’re met with a tense T-Square configuration in the sky, causing us to seek resolution. An Aries Full Moon on the 20th illuminates expiration dates; we’re being told to rid ourselves of what’s fallen into decay for this fresh start. This Full Moon’s radiating energy can be invigorating, pushing you to make the necessary changes. Or, it can be infuriating and make you irrational; from there I encourage you to welcome & reflect upon any surfacing anger. This Moon needs you to be firm, stand your ground, and communicate. On Monday the 18th both Jupiter & Mercury will station Direct in the corresponding signs of Aquarius & Libra. Earlier this month I stated that October is a power month as we see 4 planets station Direct (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter & Mercury), two having been Rx since the Spring (think back to where you were in April). The events of the 18th are extra significant because these planets were involved in the rare alignments we saw in 2020 (Jupiter - Pluto & Jupiter - Saturn). While life has been tempestuous since 2020, we’re being served relief. Jupiter greatly supports all of the heavier Direct energy; we can hold on to optimism & believe in our successes and creating a brighter future. Scorpio SZN begins on the 23rd - think about the ways you have transformed & rebirthed yourself over the year thus far, and how you want to continue that. How are you showing up for the You that you want to be? We’re stepping into “Part Two” of a Great Realignment that began in 2020. January of 2022 holds the missing information that’ll become visible when Jupiter will shift into Pisces, but October finalizes setting the Stage for the incoming Act. The performance is about to begin, from here we Go. Find Aries in your Natal Chart for further insight on this Full Moon.

🖼 by @eugenia_loli

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