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April 2022 Libra Full Moon

“Balance is not better time management but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.” Aries Sun, Libra Full Moon this weekend - reminding us that the most important relationship is the one between you & yourself; we’re being asked to reclaim the needs we’ve abandoned. At the end of this month we have the first of two Eclipses, the April 30th Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus - and two weeks later, the May 16th Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio. These two signs have “ride or die” type energy, so if the Universe strips something from your life in the coming weeks, let it - it wasn’t meant for you. On the flip side, whatever opportunities the Universe presents: take them and allow yourself to align. The Full Moon in Libra on Saturday will be Square Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto represents Death & Resurrection, and brings the potential for destructive, intense & extreme emotions, reactions and behaviors. Pluto in Capricorn is overseen by the task-maker, Saturn, and this weekend their aim is to bring friction into our lives to entice change. To add another layer, Saturn, currently in Aquarius, is also Squaring the Nodes of Destiny, in Taurus & Scorpio. This Full Moon is a pressure cooker of choices and it’s reminding you that compromising won’t always serve you, and asks: are you looking out for yourself? It’s time to take back your power, or the Universe will strike to take it back for you. A promise of positivity is right around the corner however as this Moon also sees Trines to Mars (action) and Saturn (restrictions), emphasizing the need for healing, with opportunities to transform & evolve, but we must restructure first. This Full Moon is here to bring equilibrium back as we recalibrate from the opened floodgates of the once-in-a-lifetime Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces we felt on the 12th. With Mars now in Pisces and Mercury in Taurus, we’re using our intuition to guide us as we make firm choices as we also approach Taurus SZN beginning on the 19th, with the Sun then Squaring Pluto as well. Any and all work done under the Full Moon in Libra works to introduce beauty & balance back into your life.

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