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The Sun completed its stay in Virgo and entered the Zodiac of Libra on the 22nd. Libra is one of the Cardinal signs, one that initiates change. Libra is both assertive and creative in the way they create beginnings & endings for themselves (and others, second hand). Libra is a very interesting Zodiac, it represents both the concepts of Balance and of Change. Libra has an affinity for honesty & justice; they are constantly seeking to Do and Be Better. Libra is skilled in comparative thinking, and for seeing things in relative terms instead of absolute truths. Libras are social, and excellent in themes of refinery & fulfillment (sometimes referred to as perfectionism). The poised shadow of Libra warns us of looking for “perfect” harmony, which can leave us riddled with feelings of unrest; seeking the unachievable. Staying stuck in indecision or unhappiness is a choice, and it’s a disempowering one. Libra is represented by the Scales, demonstrating the individual measurements of the weight of choices. Thankfully, weighing our options and clearly understanding the consequences will be much easier this Libra Season. Venus, the Ruler of Libra, is currently in the piercing Zodiac of Scorpio until October 7th. This Libra Season isn’t the genteel transit we’re accustomed to - with Venus in Scorpio out to play, we’re getting to the heart of things; chivalries aside. The 22nd also marked the shift into Fall Equinox, and Mercury, the Planet of Communication, also currently in Libra, is about to station Retrograde on the 27th. “Clarity & Truth dwell within the Harvest of the Season”. Relationships & Resources get us through the Winter, and we initiate our preparation, now. As Mercury begins to present challenges for us to maneuver, Libra will remind us to stay in-line with Gratitude & a compromising mindset. We can do hard things; re-set, re-vise, re-cover, re-evaluate, re-dream, re-focus. Find Libra in your Natal Chart to see where Compromise & Balance will be up for review in your life over the next month.

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