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“The hardest step we all must take is to blindly trust in who we are” - Atticus. The Leo Sun has been at the Throne for a week now, Illuminating at full blast what needs awareness most. Today the Moon sits in Aries, entering Taurus for the weekend around 3pm. Mercury entered Leo Tuesday, Jupiter Rx stationed back into Aquarius on Wednesday, and Mars slipped into the fine print of Virgo on Thursday. The story dramatically changed this week. We have one foot in the house but our head is halfway down the street - we’ve got to build the bridge to merge it all into one location, cleaning off the debris from stagnate energy along the way. Mars in Virgo represents dedication to improvement, stamina to get the job done, and a cutthroat approach to excellence. These transits want us to show up as warriors, in transformational, not transactional, ways. Last Friday we had the first of 2 Aquarius Full Moons, the first was met with oppositional aspects from Saturn (restriction), Uranus (the unexpected), and Pluto (death, destruction, and rebirth; Power & Control). On August 22nd we’ll be met by the 2nd Aquarius Full Moon, this time filled with sweet resolution - if we act accordingly within the directions the cosmic playbook is issuing. We’re learning the difference between Unconditional Love vs. Unconditional Tolerance. Mars in Virgo is here to defend what’s Good & Whole, to deliver and provide the actions that serve us all Best. But first we must center on the details and discriminate & separate the Fruitful from the Barren. Mars in Virgo aligns with natural order, it knows integrity is worth more than Gold, and it eliminates toxins with a sharpness that can’t be anticipated. Organization becomes a top priority. Virgo is a complex Zodiac, and within its pursuit of Purity comes a battle of self worth, that Leo Season serves to soften. The Mission is to not give up; the question from Mercury in Leo is posed - have you really even started trying? Use this energy to believe in your plans, to serve yourself & others with sincere actions, and to watch the path to Love & Success get crystal clear as the direct energy pushes you towards correct, dignified action.

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