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It feels good to be lost in the right direction this week, we’re about to step into a new level of creativity & self-expression. Venus enters earthy & meticulous Virgo on Wednesday, after it’s time spent living out loud in Leo (June 27 - July 21). We tone down the dramatics and get more precise with our expressions of love. Venus in Virgo is secure, mindful of the details; a good listener, willing to put in the work to achieve a great outcome. Venus in Virgo is very selective and has to watch for being critical; Leo Season will provide a soft front & strong back to balance Venus in Virgo’s tendency to overcompensate for any insecurities. Leo Season officially begins on Thursday; Leo is a Fire Sign, Ruled by the Sun & is the natural Ruler of the 5th House of Children & Joy. Bravery & nobility are deeply embedded qualities within this Zodiac. Leo’s are motivated by praise, warmth & their affections for people. Leo is a fixed sign, showing a permanent mark of loyalty & traditional values. Find Leo in your chart and you’ll see where the next few weeks you’ll be fueled by drive, commitment & a royal sense of accomplishment. Friday we’re met with a Full Moon in Aquarius. Next week, Jupiter leaves Pisces and enters Aquarius again, bringing back a restrictive energy that wants you to think outside of the box. Leo & Aquarius both want to be noticed; this Full Moon is asking if we can step into Leo’s bravery and overcome ideas that don’t work for us anymore. We’re clarifying, articulating, advocating and creating a vision of Hope surrounding our Plans for our Goals.

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