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Have we talked about Chiron yet? Chiron was a healer, philosopher & teacher who, ironically, could not heal himself. Chiron’s placement in the Natal chart reveals a core wound that can take a lifetime to work through & master. However, our Chiron placement is also our secret power. As we navigate pain, we gain wisdom that we can pass on to others (friends, family). The symbol for Chiron is shaped like a Key, since unlocking his powers opens the door to deep, inner peace. Chiron points out the areas where we feel a lack of self-worth, love, confidence, self-respect, appreciation, inadequacy, inability, insecurity, etc. Yesterday, Chiron, who began his journey through Aries on April 17, 2018, stationed Retrograde until December 19th, 201. Chiron in Aries focuses on themes of identity, what’s worth fighting for & who we are meant to be in this Life. Aries is a fire sign, fast paced & takes things head on; so this Retrograde will almost immediately begin to spring woundings up to the surface for us to aggressively get to work on. The Moon is in fair & balanced Libra Friday - mid-Saturday, helping us stay level headed as we ease into Chiron’s Rx. Saturday afternoon however, Luna enters Scorpio at 1:39pm, just in time for the Sun to sit Opposite of Pluto; our Egos dance with destruction as we become more aware of our issues related to power & control. Strive towards compromise & understanding instead of trying to push an agenda - this transit wants you to take Saturday off, let go of trying to control people or outcomes and allow fate to play it’s part (however, the Sun being challenged by Pluto can sometimes trigger violence, so a bit more caution is advised). Monday we’re met with the Moon in Sagittarius to start us off on our last week of Cancer Season, as next Thursday we enter Leo Season & Friday we’re met by the Full Moon in Aquarius. Past this Saturday, July maintains less angst in its transit and instead gives us fantastic energy for hard work, shedding old layers and boosting creativity. Trust your intuition this weekend and allow the path to continue to clear.

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