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Edgar Allen Poe said, “There is no beauty without some strangeness” - and we can be certain, strange astrology lies ahead of us over the next few weeks. This weekend we begin with Venus Conjunct Pluto and the Sun Squaring Neptune, right before two planetary shifts on Monday; Mars into Sagittarius & Mercury into Capricorn, just a week before Venus retrogrades in Capricorn. This combination of transits speak of the beginning of a period of extreme transformation within how we communicate & experience in relationships. Our relationship with ourselves, our values & money will change. The Venus - Pluto Conjunction will happen again on December 25th, from this weekend + into the weeks to come, we’ll continue to be nudged, forced, and inspired to take up an analysis of the repetitive patterns that show up in all of our relationships, as well as what increases our desires for loyalty & commitment to them (as well as finding what calls for boundaries to be quickly built). But first, we have to step through the smoke-machine effect of the Sun & Neptune. A transit like this can cloud even the best of judgment, making it hard to see people & situations as they really are. The best way to navigate what to do on the outside is to turn inward; Neptune paired with the Sun illuminates our subconscious, and our Egos will be highly aware & ready for some introspection. Seize the opportunity to reflect, however be mindful of impulsive actions based off your emotions. We’re still closing out Eclipse energy until the 18th, right before Venus stations Rx in Capricorn on the 19th, further deepening our examination of our Love, Ideals & Values. Over the next couple weeks remember; Eclipses are irregular movements, they’re disruptions to a natural cycle; but the change they bring is always for the sake of life’s purest intervention. Eclipses are known for bringing shake-ups & sudden shifts to our trajectories. Eclipses signify moments of fate, so the things that happen tend to send ripples through our foreseeable futures. Be whatever you need to be right now, but intentional with how you allow this energy to conclude within you.

🖼 by @burcu_korkmazyurek

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