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“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” - Nelson Mandela. We’re one week into Mercury’s Retrograde in the sign of Libra, it’s been a bit like the “tumble” setting on your dryer as we’re getting thrown in for a chic - and - refined / get all the wrinkles out type of fluff-up before all (4) retrograde planets station Direct by the end of October. There’s a New Moon in Libra on October 6th, exactly one month from the Virgo New Moon we had on September 6th. Reflect on the past month - what plans have came to fruition, what changes have came about? The upcoming days will help you more deeply assess what’s working and what needs firmer redirection within setting your New Moon intentions (goals for the month ahead). Anne of Green Gables said, “I’m so glad to live in a World where there are Octobers” and I think this October the sentiment will feel especially true. This Libra Season is reevaluating our choices around relationships of all kinds, we’re redefining and reprioritizing - but not without a few thought provoking situations to overcome first. Mars in Libra (action) and Uranus in Taurus (the blind spot) are strongly intertwined with this New Moon and what we think we want now, might not be the case at all. Libra, in a retrograde position or not, is reasonable and fair, and it’s being strongly aided by Jupiter & Pluto to keep us on the right track; to zoom in on the details and rebalance our lives for the sake of the bigger picture. Be gentle with yourself, Libra is always poised and provides composure in any situation, regardless the weight of it. Let the lessons progress as you aim to embody compromise & ease. Tune into where Libra is in your Natal chart to have a better understanding of where this grand revision is taking place.

🖼 by @franciscacorrealdunate

🖼 by Unknown

🖼 “Queen of the Night” by @Erte

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