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Career Reading

Vocation is from the Latin word, ‘vocare’, to call, and in early English this referred to a spiritual calling. In modern terminology we can conceive of vocation as the calling to one's authentic role in the world. As an aspect of the individuation process, our vocational path is not predetermined but forged through the interrelationship of our inner self with the outer world over time. Carl Jung suggested it was vocation, which induced an individual to follow his own soul and become conscious. He suggested vocation was 'an irrational factor that destines a man to emancipate himself from the herd and from its well-worn paths. True personality is always a vocation'. To follow the voice which summons one on their authentic path demands that the individual be spirited enough to forge their own way in the world. As Jung reminds us, 'Creative life always stands outside convention'. Vocation demands we risk being unique. Vocation may also be found in hobbies, volunteer work, and courses of study, not always presenting in the form of a career. This Reading explores your natural talents, creative-interests and financial insights.
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