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Virgo New Moon

“My life experience has taught me nothing happens by chance”. This week, Uranus stationed retrograde in Taurus and Mercury slipped into Libra. Libra loves finery and Taurus loves security - we’re reassessing our relationship with the material word and communicating carefully while we do. Mars in busy Gemini is winding up all the dusty cogs, while the New Moon in Virgo is about to make its behind-the scenes debut. Mercury’s moves this month kick off the pre-retrograde shadow period of the next Mercury retrograde, which will begin in Libra and then backspin into Virgo. Take note of the conversations, logistical issues, agreements, and social dynamics that take place during this last third of the month — we’ll be revisiting these themes through the upcoming retrograde cycle, 9.9 - 10.2. Mercury is the fast-moving planet of communication and Rules the 6th House of Wellness, Work, and Daily Routine. Mercury rules Virgo, who is known for its mutable Earth sign qualities, and regarded for its natural inclination to serve others. The emphasis is in the details of our lives during this lunation as we look at how we can improve our lives without becoming obsessive. This is an auspicious time to set productive goals, build some new habits into your routine, & focus on getting organized as you round out the summer. (Look for the House that holds Virgo in your Natal chart). The sky takes on a few somber notes over the next week as we begin a critical review of our lives. When Venus enters Virgo on September 4th, we become more practical and our New Moon intentions are offered a boost. Smart goals are how you manifest your dreams.

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