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Venus in Scorpio / Virgo Season September 10th 2021

Virgo Season is a capricious time, the details stick out like sore thumbs, demanding attention & rectification. Enhancing the need for clear cut visibility within our lives comes the entrance of Venus in Scorpio, 9.10 - 10.7. Venus transforms from docile & soft into a ruthless vixen who doesn't take tolerate disobedience from anyone. She wants to merge at a soul level, and she refuses to be timid about it - Venus in Scorpio wants deep, real connection. This is all-or-nothing energy, Scorpio is a Water sign who would rather drown her lover in her waves before she ever allows them to find safety from her storms on the shore. Venus’ time in Scorpio can brew up malicious characteristics: jealousy, obsession. We may experience difficult people & difficult situations, but for the higher purpose. “Scorpio triggers us into discomfort so that we can look at what’s going on and begin to heal. Healing leads to wholeness, which leads to liberation, which leads to owning your true power. ” (Astrologer Madi Murphy). Venus represents our value systems & our vulnerability, and in Scorpio it wants to teach us a lesson in transparency & following our intuition. This lesson on Tough Love comes at the same time as Mercury’s Retrograde Shadow, looming over our deficiencies and presenting challenges to overcome, to strengthen our stamina & deepen our commitments. “Show me the most damaged parts of your soul, and I will show you how it still shines like gold.” - Nikita Gill.

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