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Venus in Gemini // Cancer New Moon

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

“Every person is a New Door to a Different World.” Venus entered Gemini on the 22nd, setting the tone for the Moon to be in Gemini this weekend. There’s a social & busy energy in the air - however the Moon is in the Balsamic Phase, hardly reflecting any light & encouraging us to look a little deeper at what should be, surface level situations. We’re preparing for the New Moon in Cancer on Tuesday, June 28; the same day that Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces, the Sun Squares Jupiter in Aries, and Venus in Gemini Sextiles Jupiter in Aries. This is an ideal time to start thinking about what we can do for the people we love & foster a community of peace & harmony. Acts of kindness for others feels especially rewarding. Over the next few months, the Neptune Rx shakes us out of our fantasies & forces us to separate fact from fiction - not an easy task, but the Cancer New Moon enhances the ability to understand our needs & boundaries. At the same time, a square between Mars + Pluto is building up, (exact July 2nd). This can signal a tense time that could be followed by emotional turmoil while we sort things out. Acting out or unpredictable actions from others as well as ourselves, can cause great uncertainty. Practice being present during these days — it is a good time to quietly turn your attention to the disadvantaged, those in need, and those who may have qualms with you, AND those closest to you. Our intuition has been strong, but now we are starting to second guess ourselves, which will be the vibe during the next six months. Stay true to your feelings & trust your gut. Even though it may be challenging, follow your instincts—only they can lead you towards the Truth. Keep expectations realistic & focus on moderation rather than excess. It’s important to remember your limits, your needs, & to pick your battles wisely.

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