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Scorpio New Moon Pt. 2, Venus into Capricorn

The Scorpio New Moon is wasting no time casting a new plot for us, as today (11/5) Mercury enters Scorpio and Venus into Capricorn. Mercury in Scorpio is intense, a natural detective who loves to be challenged. Mercury in Scorpio can be observant and questioning, they love to search for difficult information and uncover hidden truths. Honesty & transparency in all relationships should always be the aim, but with this transit it becomes a matter of survival. Scorpio entangled in our communication can ignite deep passion & connections, or it can cause us to seek and invent narratives and evidence that are harmful to us. During this transit (till 11/24), we are invited to compassionately observe ourselves inwardly. How can we change our language and intentions to cultivate growth within our relationship with ourself and within our relationships with others? Venus, moving into Capricorn, has a few tricks up her sleeve for us. Venus usually spends about a month in each Zodiac sign, but this time Venus will have her full transit, then station retrograde Dec. 19, 2021, until Jan. 29, 2022. Venus will retread her path then again one more time till March 6, 2022, when she’ll then move into Aquarius. Venus in Capricorn takes relationships very seriously; whenever Capricorn does something, it wants to be the best of the best, so Venus in Capricorn wants you to master the art of Love, but by first recognizing quality over quantity. We’ll be more focused on our own profitable endeavors as well as partners who are ambitious, dedicated & successful. Our own professional goals will receive better care, and we can better connect with colleagues & authority figures. The main objective is to help us acquire and secure the strong, committed, healthy relationship with ourself & others that we’ll need heading into the winter. Venus was in Capricorn January 8th - Feb 1st 2021, and this winter’s retrograde period will have us reflecting on the decisions & ideals that motivated our love lives then. Remember, you can either stay the same and repeat or change your ways and evolve. Don’t let anyone take you back to a level you’ve already leveled-up from; not even yourself.

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