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Ring of Fire Eclipse

“The Diamond Ring” taken by Melanie Thorne during the Total Solar Eclipse of March 9th, 2016 (shot in Indonesia). She won the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year, (the Moon was in Pisces). On Thursday, June 10th, 2021 there will be “The Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse. The Sun & Moon (how we present ourselves & our inward emotions), will be in the Zodiac of Gemini, along with Mercury (communication) & the North Node of Destiny (fate). The Gemini Twins have used their time in the Sky to outline the many opportunities & possibilities in front of us; maybe too many to have a clear view of what they all could be just yet. We are learning about the World around us, coming into contact with new ideas, people, places, thoughts, and information, as well as becoming re-informed on some of the old. With every option comes it’s own rewards & pitfalls, and with Mercury squaring Neptune, the planet of illusion, we’re advised to step into a duality mindset while considering. Expect the unexpected - delays lead to greater understanding and strengthened knowledge & skillset. We’re closing out a chapter and making way for something new; Gemini represents Opposites (according to Greek mythology, the Twins were said to have different fathers), but more importantly, they represent the Connection between both the Mortal & the Immortal, the unifying thread between the Visible & the Unseen; Faith, Fate, Trust, Oneness. Sometimes transformations and choices are made within and other times they’re on display; it can be a ripple or a hurricane, but at the Core of this Eclipse is the Power of Choice. Spend the next couple of days choosing to allow space without resistance towards anything that needs to come or go. Allow for the shifts to happen, and your own personal Thread of Connection to be strengthened. Gemini SZN is a magical time, full of replenishment, and this Eclipse is here to serve us with proper preparation & renewal of enthusiasm, so they can meet inside of us and lead to the exciting things ahead.

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