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Pluto in Aquarius.

“Paying attention comes to understanding” - Ali Edwards. On March 23rd, Pluto transitioned from Capricorn into Aquarius. Pluto spends between 12 - 30 years in a Zodiac. While we may not feel dramatic transformations on a personal level when Pluto shifts into a new sign, historic cultural disapproval can be noted. (The American Revolution & the Industrial Revolution, and the 2008 corresponded with the Great Recession). Pluto briefly enters Aquarius between March - June of 2023, then re-entering Capricorn for one last pass before shifting into Aquarius for the long haul in January of ‘24. As we begin this final Pluto in Capricorn stage, we are polarized between clinging to convention + the promise of Aquarian freedom. We are met with an Eclipse Season during Pluto’s transitions. The first eclipse SZN will be April 19th in Aries - May 5th in Scorpio. Circling back, Capricorn and Aquarius, both Saturn - ruled signs, meet on equal footing in their fondness for skepticism during these transitions. Here, and now, everything is being questioned. Who are we as individuals, or as a society? What is real, and what is projection? Who are we as citizens of the planet, and on what level of humanity does that register? On March 24th, after 7 months and 5 days of time in Gemini, Mars will end its stay in Gemini and enter the Zodiac of Cancer. Once Mars starts swimming through Cancer, it will infuse our fighting spirit with an added dose of feeling. Mars’ upcoming ingress into Cancer is especially momentous, as it marks the first sign shift for the red planet since last August. Mars generally only spends a month or two in each sign, but thanks to its biennial retrograde period, it’s been in busy-bodied Gemini for 7 months. It’s been great for generating new ideas & tackling a million things at once, but the energy is finally separating. Mars in Cancer brings a much-needed change of pace when it asks us to slow down & express our power and passions in a more diffused + tender way. We are asked to find strength through softness, compassion & vulnerability. Eclipse Seasons are generally a time of dropping hands letting go. Remain grounded & aware before you react.

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