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Part 1

I about imagine everything you woke up to today, is different in some way than it was last Friday when we met. We’ve been milling about in a communication dominate fog for the last month; the veil is being lifted and the white noise we’ve been trapped in silences now. Mercury in Gemini stations direct and harbors back into safety on the 22nd. The fine details of this concluded Eclipse Season will continue to unfurl in the small print for the next two weeks; but we’ve reached the end of this lesson-laced tunnel. The interesting thing about analogies are that often they’re constructed to portray one point of view, but there’s a a more sullen and practical element of the spectrum that analogies generally miss. Sometimes the “light at the end of the tunnel” isn’t sunshine on the other side, but instead the illumination of a new reality instead. The 2nd of three major Saturn - Uranus transits took place on Monday, 6.14; the first took place February 17th, and the last will take place on 12.24th. Saturn & Uranus have an agenda to cover: confronting the costs & limitations of freedom, the pain & triumph of being an individual, the pursuit of more responsible & balanced freedom, liberating our routines, and creating individualized success that serve the well-being of the collective whole. (If you’ve kept up to this point you’re doing great and everything I’ve got to say gets easier ahead.) Everything that’s happened in the last 4-6 weeks was the wind up to the grand revelation; and every remaining detail that you need to know in order to continue the tasks at hand, will now begin to surface. The successes are to be celebrated, the endings are to be finite, your new awareness should cause firm boundaries to specifically enclave any structures that remain. Clarity is a protective layer and you’ve got to use it to the best of your ability.

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