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Moving Direct into Aquarius Season

“Life has a way of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all, or by having everything happen at once.” Mars, the planet of Action, has been retrograde in Gemini, the Zodiac of Communication, since October 30th. Our assertion, drive, and ability to accomplish our goals has been lagging mentally since. Mars stationed Direct on January 12th, clearing the smog around our ambition. Over the next few weeks we’ll begin to feel our energy levels rise, our emotions will be better directed, and we’ll get grittier about what we’re fighting for. Expect the House where Gemini sits in your Natal Chart to heat up and become more enthusiastic. On December 29th, Mercury, the planet of Communication, also stationed retrograde, but in Capricorn, the Zodiac of Rules & Structure. The new year may have started off chaotically, but on January 18th Mercury stations Direct - and clarity returns. We can better plan, strategize, and express what steps are needed next. On January 20th the sun leaves practical Capricorn and enters observant Aquarius. The Water Bearer (Aquarius) is an Air sign - which is a common misconception by many. Being a water bearer represents the ability to contain and spread information (air). It holds knowledge, carries it as it sees fit, and then bestows when the time is right. Aquarius is innovative and friendly, but also a little unpredictable, as they have a unique insight into the world and understand solutions in a way no other Zodiac does. Capricorn SZN pushed us to focus on the outer image, and now Aquarius SZN reminds us that the beat of our own drum guides us best. On the 21st, we’re met with the first New Moon of 2023, and it’s in the Zodiac of Aquarius. The Aquarius Sun & Moon linking up will give attention to a story that’s unfolding in our lives, about the rules we follow in life, and how some of that rule following is holding us back. Let the energy guide you in the week ahead - there’s more than meets the eye for us to consider.

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