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Mercury Rx // September

“Your current situation is giving you an opportunity to reevaluate what you want.” The sky takes on a few somber notes over the next week as we begin a critical review of our lives as Venus moves into Virgo this weekend (Sunday the 4th). We tone down the dramatics and get more precise with our expressions of love. Venus in Virgo is secure, mindful of the details; a good listener, willing to put in the work to achieve a great outcome. Venus in Virgo is very selective and has to watch for nitpicking. Venus in Virgo zeros in on the details and heightens our awareness of the specifics we need to have in order to succeed; this enhances acts of service and casts a critical eye collectively. On Friday the 9th, the Planet of communication, Mercury, stations retrograde in the zodiac of Libra. This is the third time Mercury retrogrades this year, bringing misunderstanding and emotional confusion to our relationships for the next three weeks (October 2nd). This is also interestingly, the third of four Mercury retrogrades in 2022, although the Fall 2022 Mercury retrograde is the year’s last full cycle. With this being the last Mercury retrograde in Libra for some time, we may see some of the issues that have come up in relationships and our dealings with others over the last 2-3 years reach a culmination or come to an end. If you have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart, you may not feel the worst of this. Those individuals generally don't experience the difficulties of the retrograde because it feels more natural to them. When Mercury officially stations a direction the sky, this is called “the storm.” This takes place twice — when it turns retrograde and when it turns direct. Storm energy is extremely chaotic and confusing. It’s as if tons of cosmic dust has been thrown into the air and we can’t process anything that is happening. The storm periods this retrograde are September 2nd - 16th 2022, and September 28th - October 7th 2022. This upcoming week serves to highlight what needs to be changed, down to the gritty details. A Full Moon in Pisces awaits us in one week, September 10th, to receive what we decide to release.

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