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Mercury Retrograde + Full Moon in Cancer

“Everyday is a second chance” is our motto this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. From December 29th - January 18th, the planet of communication will be hitting the “undo” button in our lives. Capricorn is Ruled by Saturn, the Planet of Structure & Responsibility. It’ll be evaluating our choices and checking to see if the choices we’ve made in the past month have been intentional, that we’ve acted deliberately, and that we took our lives and feelings seriously. If we have — wonderful. Mercury will tighten up the bolts and double check the blueprints and commend your plans. If you have not — Mercury seeks to bring your attention back to the basics, to ask you Why you made that choice and help you determine How you can reclaim stable progress. Business, time, organization, work — they’re all topics more closely under review. As we traverse into the New Year, it’s important to remember that the Lunar New Year doesn’t begin until Aries season, on March 20th. If your resolutions and goals don’t feel clear yet, don’t rush. By March life will Spring into action again. January 2nd, Venus exits Capricorn and enters Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius is less attached to its emotions than other signs, relying more on the head than the heart when relating to others. We aren’t so interested in connecting over passionate encounters and sweet nothings while Venus is in Aquarius - instead, we want to unite with those who think the same as we do. The line between love and friendship is very thin once Venus enters Aquarius, as Aquarius rules friendship and groups of all kinds. The Aquarian approach is less possessive and can bring a needed breath of reason & fresh air to partnerships. Venus in Aquarius lightens levels of intimacy and encourages us to reconnect with the honesty, friendship, and common interests. We may even find that we feel a lot freer to be individuals within our relationships. Venus in Aquarius makes it clear that pursuing our own passions separately enriches what we bring back to our relationships. January 6th brings the first Full Moon of 2023, in the Moon’s Home sign of Cancer. Cancer is the Mother, the deep cave where the spark of life begins. As we sit in the thick of Capricorn season with Mercury now rifling through our structures and boundaries, the Cancer Full Moon provides a pull between family life and careers/other relationships, and puts them forefront. This combination deals with the balancing between unconditional love & conditional love. The Cancer Moon encourages us to value our home base and our roots, while Capricorn persuades us to consider our sense of duty and responsibility along public lines. With so much attention to our relationships, careers, and personal plans these days, a push for considering our emotional needs occurs now.

This is a time to clear up past patterns that have been holding us back from personal fulfillment, particularly those that are home or family-centered or that revolve around our work-home balance and attitudes toward comfort and responsibility. “Balance is not better time management, but betten boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices”.

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