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Mercury into Virgo - a wonderful time to start.

As the Leo New Moon opens the door for creativity into the weekend, we can use the symbolism of the Leo Lion to help guide our direction. The Lion conveys the message that we can be proud, confident, and fierce in who we are. When we shed the superficial, shed the burdens, shed the things that block us from being our true selves, we are able to truly shine. Venus in protective Cancer and bewitching Lilith in Cancer are traveling closely together in a conjunction, further amplifying the need to be our true authentic selves, especially when it comes to embracing more of our feminine qualities (as Cancer represents the Mother). On the same day as the New Moon, Jupiter in Aries stationed Retrograde till Nov 23rd. Jupiter has big plans for us, much kinder plans than most retrogrades bring. Jupiter Rx will have us reflecting deeper on our belief system, our sense of hope, our dreams and desire for expansion, & our spiritual practices. It gives us a chance to slow down a little bit & understand what we want to grow in the future, with the expansive energy Jupiter Direct will bring. With Jupiter in Aries, we are thinking about ourselves in the world & not about the world at large. So, when Jupiter is retrograde in Aries, we will begin to be a little bit less selfish and want to help others, not just ourselves. Jupiter will re-enter into its ruling sign Pisces on October 24, which means we'll be revisiting themes from when the transit occurred from December 28 to May 10. Retrogrades are a time to review & reassess, so that's exactly what we’ll be doing until the end of the year. On July 31st, something profound happens in the sky as Uranus will be conjunct the North Node of Destiny. This is the first time these two celestial entities have aligned in the sign Taurus since 180 C.E. and the next time will take place during the year 2357. As a collective may experience unusual & unexpected shifts on the world stage. Individually, we may be pushed out of our comfort zone and forced to find new ways of sustaining ourselves - how well we are able to handle adversity is paramount. August 3 Mercury moves into Virgo, placing it at “Home”. Mercury in Virgo is as if your brain sits down in the most ergonomic office chair, leading the staff meeting until the 25th. Mercury is an Earth sign and delivers the best communication & comprehension capacity available. This communication style is that of the perfectionist, having a clear, logical, & analytical mind. We can dig into work that requires meticulous attention to detail / efficient organization. We aim to be well-grounded, practical, and possess a great amount of common sense. We can strengthen specialized skills & technical expertise; but need to be careful of being critical of others. This transit is a phenomenal follow up for the goals set during the Leo New Moon. “Creativity is intelligence having fun” - Albert Einstein.

Art by Auguste Lefou

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