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Mercury in Virgo 8.11.21

Mercury prowls out of Leo’s den and shapeshifts into the most ergonomic office chair, *snapping* into Virgo today. We’ve left the jungle and we’re leading the staff meeting for the next two weeks. Mercury is Home in Virgo, this Earth sign delivers the best communication & understanding capacities available. This communication style is that of the perfectionist, having a clear, logical, & analytical mind. We can dig into work that requires meticulous attention to detail / efficient organization. We aim to be well-grounded, practical, and possess a great amount of common sense. We can strengthen specialized skills & technical expertise; but need to be careful of being critical of others, as not everyone has the same standards as us. Mars & Venus are also in Virgo, leading the way to Virgo SZN beginning with the Aquarius Full Moon on August 23rd. Mars in Virgo (detailed action), connects with the Nodes of Karma this week, FATE comes into play. Something from earlier this summer comes to a precise head; we’re making decisions and the story changes yet again. This time we’re exact in our vocabulary, the directness we’ve been grasping for combines with the passion from the Leo Sun; what we have been needing has arrived. “Don’t tell people your plans, show them your results.” Step in.

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