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Leo Season / Leo New Moon / Jupiter Retrograde

“The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock” - Tony Gaskins. July 22nd we enter Leo Season; Leo is a Fixed, Fire Sign, Ruled by the Sun & is the natural Ruler of the 5th House of Children & Joy. Bravery & nobility are deeply embedded qualities within this Zodiac, and Leo’s are a hard workers who are motivated by Praise, Achievement, & Affection. Find Leo in your chart and you’ll see where the next few weeks you’ll be fueled by commitment, creativity, and success. The beginning of Leo SZN meets us ripe with opportunity, as Mercury in Leo Trines Jupiter in Aries on the 23rd - promotions, recognition, & rewards take the lead. This is an ideal time for entering into negotiations & for signing contracts. Immediately before the July 28th New Moon in Leo, we watch Uranus, the Cosmic Blindspot, align with the Nodes of Karma & Destiny. Be prepared to be confronted with something totally unexpected during these days. Suddenly, something could happen that overturns all plans. On the 28th, we’ll find ourselves in the darkness of the New Moon, and entirely under the impression of the events of the previous days. Jupiter, the Great Benefic of the Solar System, stations Retrograde in Aries, from July 28th - Nov 23rd. The present is a good time to start working on new creative projects and even get a little romantic if you can, & release tension. When Jupiter stations retrograde, it’s not necessarily a bad time. Jupiter doesn’t really affect us the way the other planets do during their Retrogrades. However, when Jupiter moves backwards in Aries, there may be challenging moral dilemmas that hold us back from making swift decisions. Choosing the right path will take time and consideration to ensure that we’re on track, our mindsets and ways of thinking will be up for review. Whenever there’s a New Moon the Stars are calling on us to believe even while working our way in the dark. It’s our monthly test of Faith & Trust - in ourselves, in the Universe, and in the infinite possibilities available to us.

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