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Last Quarter Moon in Cancer

"It's Impossible, Said Pride. It's Risky, Said Experience. It's Pointless, Said Reason. Give It A Try, Said Ambition.” Relationships remain the main theme in October as Venus continues to transit very close to the Libra Sun, headed towards an exact conjunction the 22nd - 23rd. Experiencing a Venus - Sun conjunction in Libra and then into Scorpio brings the spotlight on the importance of working on refining the balance in our lives and our connections. This stretch of time intends on marking a turning point in our awareness of relationship dynamics, as well deepening our understanding of what harmony is, and what harmony is not. Monday, October 17th, we slip into the Quarter Moon in Cancer. Last quarter moons are turning points or crossroads, clearing the way for the new moon / new lunar cycle. Libra is the goddess of justice, Cancer the great mother spirit. Moon phases during Libra season are significant in a social sense, bringing change to our interpersonal relationships. These changes are not accidental. They happen because they must, in order to secure peace and comfort in a given environment. We must look beyond the surface of conversations and momentary reconciliation to see if the environment (relationship) will provide longevity, whether its foundation is built to last - or if we’re clinging to false hope. October 20, Venus perfects a square to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This is a tense alignment that is likely to be felt strongly a few days before and after the square goes exact. Venus-Pluto aspects intensify our experience of relationships and increase our need for passion, depth, and all-consuming exchanges. Power and manipulation dynamics, obsessive fantasies, and a need to control other people could emerge. When Venus squares Pluto, we crave to consume and be consumed by our experiences, yet we are simultaneously afraid of losing ourselves in the fires of passion: for this reason, push-pull dynamics & manipulation attempts could surface. Take time to understand what in your life makes you feel whole, and what in your life gives you unease. Fate approaches.

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