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Juno in Taurus

The most constant thing about life is that it never stays the same. On March 11th, Juno, the 3rd astroid discovered in our solar system in 1804, moves into the Zodiac of Taurus. Juno represents the deep history of the Roman Goddess of Love & Marriage, who is characterized by images of summer, wealth, commitment, and all things prosperous. Juno has been in Aries, seeking to put sparks back into our love lives - weather that had been flames or passion. Moving into steady and determined Taurus, Juno feels safe and heard. We must watch for complacency but we can trust that what stabilizes is showing us something bigger than we think. Synchronicities surround us as on March 16, Venus, the most commonly known planet of love, also moves into Taurus. We can focus on love, finances and stability without worry until April 10th. Venus in Taurus tells us to stay the course - and if the ground shakes, seek shelter elsewhere. We’re in the homestretch of Pisces SZN, the emotions that surface before the arrival of Spring on the 20th will be a guiding lesson as we progress into the year. Do what is right for you, and then do it again and again. Keep going when it’s hard, especially when it’s hard. Let growth be the mission, healing be the reward, and freedom the goal.

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