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July 15th 2022 - Last Quarter, Final Week of Cancer SZN

Zodiac of Cancer is deeply sentimental & intuitive, however is one of the hardest signs to get to know. They are loyal and protective, casting a defensive shell over anything they love. However, as we enter the final week of Cancer SZN this weekend, Venus Trine Saturn & the Cancer Sun Trine Neptune deliver a combination that brings empathy & supports us in choosing to look at life through a different perspective. We’re more easily able to place ourselves in other people’s shoes to really understand them. Most significantly, we may realize that achieving our goals & dreams is of upmost importance — before we can be of help to others. It’s an ideal for committing to relationships & projects, and making long-term investments. This transit will help us set goals to manifest our hopes and dreams for the future as we come down from the Capricorn Full Moon and begin to approach the Leo New Moon on the 28th. Monday greets us with a new tune, as a trio of transits hit: Venus enters Cancer, Mercury Opposes Pluto, and the Moon & Neptune meet in Pisces. Venus in empathic Cancer can bring emotional highs & lows over the next 4 weeks as we are tender, protective, and caring while also moody & clingy. Try to love without letting it take over your entire life. There could be betrayals and hurt feelings as we deal with power-hunger manipulations during the intense aspect between Mercury & Pluto - it could be a moment of insight, when both the tragedy & the full potential of a situation can be recognized and felt. Tuesday sets a defensive position as Mercury enters Leo and Chiron in Aries stations Retrograde. Communication becomes bold with a hint of dramatic flair over the next 2 weeks, our speech becomes more confident & expressive while our thoughts are focused on grand ideas. The Wounded Healer (Chiron) will be moving backwards until December, shifting our attention toward our own internal wounds as we focus on what needs to heal. Wednesday, July 20, assists Tuesday, as the Sun in Cancer Opposes Pluto in Capricorn, and secrets & enemies are revealed by the Sun’s light. Things could happen in the last quarter of the month that will have a far-reaching impact on the rest of the year. One of the most common manifestations of this transit is getting involved in power struggles. Let go of trying to control people and outcomes & avoid making decisions and taking action until a couple of days later, when you will be able to see things more clearly, with your ego out of the picture. On the positive side, this transit facilitates an awareness of your own issues around power and control, and unconscious impulses and obsessions that drive you. Next Friday, July 22nd, we welcome Leo SZN, and we are called to manifest the futures that serve us. The planets are commanding you to stand up for your beliefs. “A belief is what you hold, but a conviction is what holds you”.

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