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Halloween Weekend 2021

Halloween weekend begins with intensity as Mars enters Scorpio, where it'll stay until December 13th. Mars in Scorpio is time to investigate your urges, desires, feelings. You’re asked to become more empowered within your craving to deepen the good in your life & further heal the areas that block you. The next 6 weeks are a perfect time to get your priorities straight & determine the actions you can take to get there. On November 4th, the same day as the New Moon in Scorpio, the Sun and Moon oppose unconventional Uranus, leading to shake-ups & unexpected events. The themes center around rebellion, freedom, and finding security in individuality. Don’t be surprised if your feelings about something serious suddenly change. By keeping an open mind, exciting opportunities can develop from any uncomfortable changes. Otherwise, this spontaneous energy may escape in a destructive way. These aren’t new topics to write about because difficult change has been a major theme all year because of Saturn Square Uranus. This is the major planetary aspect of 2021 and the final square is on December 24th. But, next week Mercury is also sextile Venus; love, cooperation & diplomacy help bring people together, find peaceful settlements & break down barriers to progress. (We usually feel the effects of a new moon or full moon for about four days prior & following.) November 5th to December 19th, Venus will move into Capricorn. It'll give us the strength to put in any necessary, overdue work, to commit, and to build something substantial & worthy of recognition; which can help you take your relationships & finances to new levels. You may find that your standards become higher; you don’t want to settle. Mercury will also enter psychic & empathetic Scorpio on November 5th which could lead to some incredibly emotional conversations. Scorpio is a detective at its core. Scorpio Season is your moment to decide what, or whom, has been holding you back.

🖼 by @quantumspherehealer

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