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Friday June 4th 2021

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Oh sweet release, the Sun is in Gemini, we’re in the middle of an Eclipse Season with multiple planets retrograde, and the Moon will be in ARIES this weekend. Apply reason to impulse and remember every action has a consequence but if you’re looking for a wild time, here it comes. Eclipses almost never slip by without stopping at everyone’s doorstep on their way. Mercury & Neptune meet up over the weekend; let any worries that come up float to the top and dissolve - independence & creativity are highly favored instead. On June 10th we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini. The Twins have spent a couple weeks examining our lives & they’re ready to play their hand. This is a time of action, intention setting and aligning with our desires. The two weeks between eclipses are called a Gateway or Portal; they represent a period of intense shifts and transformations, and it’s important to be intentional with how you allow the energy to conclude. This New Moon Solar Eclipse represents a new beginning. Wherever was cleared for you by the Sagittarius Eclipse on May 26th, will now begin to show you a new path. Situations & people from the past are likely to, or have already, appeared, and they’re present now and ready for you to finally cut any painful cords and find healing. Venus moved into Cancer and for the next 3 weeks we focus on feelings of stability, nurturance, close connections & protection. Venus in Cancer wants to create beauty in our lives, to remember fond memories & to remind us what Home is to us. It will show us what we can do to achieve a more Solid Core inside of us, emotionally (find Cancer in your chart to see where you can step into a more loving energy with this transit). Even though these up coming transits promise fresh starts & it’s a powerful time to take action again (June 10th - 22nd), it calls for us to move slowly and to trust in our intuition. The Moon in Taurus Sunday evening - Tuesday will help ease us into the Eclipse on Thursday. If something feels off, listen; do not believe everything you think or hear. Don’t force things under this energy, take the trip, allow yourself to be shown the way.

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